Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describe our practices regarding of your personal information under the use of the website located at: (referenced as the “Website”), the software application entitled “Essential News” (referenced as the “App”) and hosted services enabled or available via the Website and App ( the “Services” or “features”) that are offered by Essential News Inc. (referenced as the “Company” or “we” or “us”).

Types of Data we collect

  1. Information provided to us
  2. Identity to access the Company features and services When you register for our services on the Company services or the App, we will collect all the necessary information to complete the registration process. This information includes third party information registered under the third party, credit card or PayPal account information and billing information.
  3. We may collect information during your interaction on the App. We collect this information to further improve the user experience of the App
  4. If you provide feedback to our app or contact use through email, we will also collect your name, email address and other relevant content which is included in the email. These information is required to properly reply your email.
  5. Personal information may be collected on other points to the Company Service that state personal information is being collected.
  6. Information You Provide to Facebook and other Social Networking Sites The Company service allow user to provide user interest topic on Facebook, Google or other third party networking sites. This request will be prompted when you provide your third party login credentials during registration or normal use scenario. By proceeding, you allow the Service to access such information and agreed to other third party that you agree to their terms of use in the use of the Company service. Any information we collected from your third party service depends on your privacy settings you have with your third party. You can choose not to use these third party portal but access the Company Service and features through filling forms or manually input your access credentials. If you have already linked third party account to your Account, you can terminate your current account and register a new account through a different access method.
  7. Information Collected via Technology
  8. Analytics service, such as Google analytics is used in out service. These analytics service helps to improve our service and better serve our users through the result from these services. These service may stream data to their own server. Information these service collects includes IP address assigned to you, your current network performance, the current devices or manufacturing info you used to access the Company Service. We cannot assure these information are removed during account termination as we do not have access to alter these information collected by these analytics service. This Policy does not apply to and we are not responsible for any information leaks by these analytics service.
  9. Cookies: Just like many online web service, we store cookies on your computer storage when you access our service through our website. Cookies is a file which stores information on your computer when you access a website. We use both persistent and session cookie to provide your a more streamline experience when using the Company service.
  10. Mobile devices may collect non personal information if you choose to use the App. This information includes your click, bookmark and archive action on any article as well as device information during the event when the App failed to function properly. The later information will only be use in the event of a failure situation and will not be access during the normal working situation.
  11. Session records are stored when you access the Company services as we gather certain information such as IP address assigned to you by the your local ISP. We may use these information to personalize information to improve the Company features and services.

Use of your Data

In general personal information you submit to us is used to better understand how you use our service, and customize your experience and prevent abusing. These data also used to filter out topics and only show you topics you maybe interested. Any of your browsing data which contain identifiable information will not be shared to third party vendors as well as our working partners.

  1. Your Data Rights
  2. You have rights to correct or delete any of the data
    1. You can edit your personal data as long as it stays accurate and left only the essentials such that we could still sent you billing invoice.
    2. You can erase your browsing data and terminate your data. These action can be found on the settings under your profile page in the App. b. Restrict use of data
    3. When you terminate your account, this action will terminate our access to your data in every live storage. c. Access or backup data
    4. You can request a copy of your personal data once we have validate your identity.
    5. Under such circumstance we cannot guarantee such action may not cause information breach as we cannot 100% verify your identity whom request the personal data. Hence we do not have the obligation to ensure the safety of the copy of data remain secure. d. Collection of your data
    6. You can remove or uninstall the App to stop any collection of information.

Disclosure of Your Personal information

  1. Essential News Team If you use to our service, team member from Essential News may access to your data for moderation purpose. This is required as we have validate any request regarding to users whom was reported had violate our privacy policy or terms of use. These information will not be sold or transferred to any third party under any circumstances.
  2. Third Party Service Provider We employ certain third party service providers for quality checking of our service, provide technical support, provide other services to the Company. These third party providers will not use your personal information which is irrelevant to the services requested by the Company.
  3. Corporation Restructuring We may disclose part of your information during negotiation in the event of a merger, financing, acquisition or dissolution. In the event of insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership, personal information may be transferred as business asset. If another company acquires our company, the new company will possess the personal information collected by use and will still remain the rights as stated in this Privacy Policy.

Security of Your Personal information

the Company is committed to securely store and transfer your data through a variety of industry security standards. However, method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, the Company could only provide reasonable afford to secure your personal data.

Children access

Do note that we do not intentionally track any information for user under the age of 13. If any children submits personal information who are under the age of 13, we will attempt to delete related information as soon as possible. If you know we have any personal information from any child under 13 years please contact use at

Changes to Privacy Policy

As we are continuing to grow, we may need to make any changes to the way we use your personal information. Hence, we will notify you these changes via email through the last active email address provided to us. Any changes will be effective upon 30 days after we dispatch the notification email. These changes will be effective immediately to any new user register to the Company features and services. Please note that if the last email information you provided is invalid or cannot reach you about the policy change, the email we sent out will still be consider effective. If you do agree to our newest change of privacy policy, you have the obligation to notify us before the effective data of the change. We will deactivate your access to the Company features and services. By continuing use of the Company features and services indicate that you have agreed to such changes and will be bounded under latest changed policy.

Questions, Contacts and Report of Violation

If you have more questions regarding to our privacy policy feel free to contact us through

For EU and EFTA users, if you feel you haven’t received a timely or satisfactory response from us with respect to a question or complaint related to this policy, you may raise the issue with your local supervisory authority without prejudice to any other rights you may have.

Last update : February of 28th 2019